Nuggets From Day 2 – Free Webinar

Nuggets From Day 2 – Free Webinar

Nuggets: From Wed 4/30

(One more day to go.)

Number 1 principle for discipleship is you have to become the type of disciple you want to make.
Danielle Strickland – – You know the Holy Spirit is a woman because of always interrupting –
I couldn’t imagine my life without Jesus! @djstrickland
When Moses was born, his parents SAW something (Hebrews)
Would you still love people who don’t respond/turn to Jesus? @djstrickland
Hugh Halter
– I’m going to pastor you until Christ be formed in you.  @hughhalter
– The Process (Taxonomy) for Witnessing: Incarnation (Receive Christ), Reputation (Live the Word), Conversation (Speak The Word), Confrontation (Touch with the Word), Transformation @hughhalter (@DrHECardin)
Michael Frost
    1 Peter 3:15 (NLT)  Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.
    “Live a questionable life.” -Michael Frost #Exponential @churchplanting Do they ASK?
    Pagan Governors were told to OUTLOVE the Christians. Name.. Apostate
    Live a life that makes the Gospel look Attractive – Titus 2:10 (NLT)  …Then they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive in every way.
    Titus 2:10 (MSG)  …adding luster to the teaching of our Savior God.
    Number 1 principle for discipleship is you have to become the type of disciple you want to make.
Feared God/Feared People
Pleased God/Pleased People
David Loved to Worship God. / Saul Loved the Worship of People.
Spirit Empowered Leader
* God Speaking To you
    David Inquired
    The Holy Spirit enable’s us to hear God’s voice. Choose to be self reliant or spirit empowered.
    Don’t lead out of your own ability.” @craiggroeschel
    If we are to do the CREDIBLE, GOD will do the INCREDIBLE! Thanks @craiggroeschel
    “Outcome is God’s responsibility, obedience is yours” | @craiggroeschel
* Courage
    We’re not all called to do what others do. via @craiggroeschel
    “The Holy Spirit empowers you to do the things that others will say cannot be done.”
    If you are not ready to be criticized by your leadership, you are not ready to lead. @craiggroeschel
    “If you aren’t ready to face opposition for your obedience to God, you aren’t ready to be used by God.” Craig Groeschel
    “The Holy Spirit will embolden you with courage to stand against the opposition.” @craiggroeschel

* Empower Faith to do what others believe can not be done
John 15.5-6
    Outcome is God’s responsibility; obedience is yours. @CraigGroeschel
    Do what you can, God will do what only HE can do.
4-14 Window @GregNettle
    85% people ages through 4-14 make decision to follow Jesus
    85% of people become followers of Christ between the ages of 4 & 14. What would happen if we started kid focused churches?
    What if we intentionally planted churches around the world that cared for children? @GregNettle
    In the 90s 85% of America viewed evangelicals favorably. Today? 3%. Salt doesn’t loose saltiness. Neither should we!
    “You can motivate, but only the Holy Spirit can transforms.” – @MattChandler74
    God is a lamp unto my feet …he lights 2 to 3 steps at a time …start walking god will guide #Exponential
    “If you want to get better at preaching, watch yourself on video. You will either quit or get better.” – @AndyStanley
    God never promises to make up for misguided priorities. Cheat the ministry b4 you cheat your family. @andystanley
    Lazy people make terrible preachers. @MattChandler74
    “Don’t forget that what we are doing is supernatural. Its the Holy Spirit who convicts, not your sermon” @MattChandler74
    95 percent of the time, people will tweet what’s on the screen during a sermon @AndyStanley #Exponential
    “To prepare a sermon I write every word out even the stories” I couldn’t think of the “dog” story. So now I write them out. @revjamesmeeks
    You can’t put new wine in an old wine skin. No one that has tasted the old wants the new. (Luke 5:37-39) ~Larry Osborne
    To preachers, “have fun. if you are not having fun preaching, neither are you listeners” @AndyStanley  
    You have to be comfortable in your own skin no matter the audience. The only thing that works is sincerity. @revjamesmeeks
    Tim Keller, Andy Stanley, Mast Chandler, James Meeks on Rethinking Preaching
    If you are trying to prove to people that you know more than you know then you will blow it! @revjamesmeeks
    People aren’t on a truth quest – they are on a happiness quest. – @AndyStanley
    “discipleship isn’t 1on1, Jesus always worked in groups” @alanhirsch
    “Don’t make them read. Just help them browse.” – @joshshank
    3 types of unbelievers: the impressed, the hostile and the majority are the ones who don’t hear @timkeller
    If you give people an out, they will lean in – Andy Stanley
    In preaching, plan far ahead – – Andy Stanley
    I practice or speak the stories out loud — Andy Stanley
    Married Couples need to our submit each other – @AndyStanley
    Don’t depend on your sermon more than the Holy Spirit – Matt Chandler
    “abolish the laity in your church, ordain everyone!” -Michael Frost
    “Average age of a homeless person in US is 9 years old.” @PastorChoco
    “Build the church that you would want to go to – its the only kind of church you can lead” @LarryOsborne
    God Will Never Give You a Vision Where He Doesn’t Give You the Provision to Accomplish It.
    Jesus sees people as people not as projects. #daniellestrickland
    “Live a life that is different so people ask why.”
    Live a Question-able life. They are asking questions.
    Live a questionable life! @michaelfrost6
    “Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” @davewillis
    I downloaded the FREE eBook “The Five Habits of Highly Missional People” by Michael Frost
    “studying doctrine is easier than falling in love with Jesus, and it’s a dangerous substitute” @alanhirsch
    Jesus deconstructs the sinners and pharisees world views and then reconstructs a new view @MattChandler74
    When the gospel is clearly preached, the most heinous sinners are drawn in. -@MattChandler74
    Gospel preaching deconstructs and reconstructs. #luke15 @MattChandler74
    “Preaching: logic on fire.”
    The prodigal, rehearsed his speech.
    “I don’t like preaching for 20 minutes.” -@MattChandler74
    Trust the Holy Spirit. I hope you FEEL how POWERLESS you are. @MattChandler74
    Prostitute, tax collector, slave trader…
    “Time out was when daddy knocked you out unconscious.” @MattChandler74
    V26, older brothers don’t talk to the father. There was music. There was DANCING!
    Dad never gave me a GOAT!
    We have a BANGING Band.
    Don’t have OTHER PEOPLE hanging out with lost people stories. (They need to be YOUR stories.) @MattChandler74 (@DrHECardin)
    1. Don’t live vicariously thru others. Or Books.
    2. Trust the Bible.

    “We’ve been saved into something, not just from something.” – Matt Chandler
    Whatever it is you want people to do, make it a sermon. @revjamesmeeks
    when Jesus heals you, you don’t wait to start serving @revjamesmeeks  Matthew 8:14
        (Peter’s Mother-in-law was healed, then started cooking)
    Who do you need to “loose” and bring from Jesus? @revjamesmeeks  Mark 11
    Do what Jesus said don’t do – Pray on the corners.   @revjamesmeeks  
    The corner wasn’t the WRONG place, it was their MOTIVES that were wrong. @revjamesmeeks


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