Free eBook – Hope for the Brokenhearted by John Luke Terveen ($15 after 12.8.2015)

Free eBook – Hope for the Brokenhearted by John Luke Terveen  ($15 after 12.8.2015)

This book grew out of Dr. John Luke Terveen’s own experience with grief and loss resulting from his fourteen-year-old daughter’s death. He scoured books looking for comfort but found the Bible itself to be his greatest source of hope, comfort, wise counsel, and encouragement.

After reviewing more than 200 books on grief and loss, he discovered that none investigated biblical passages discussing grief and loss. He set out to fill the huge, unmet need for a book that helps Christians embrace relevant Scriptures more fully and seriously in the midst of their mourning.

The biblical selections deal with the hard questions, honest passions, and divine hope that only one who has walked down the path of sorrow could write about. Topics such as resurrection, the second coming, heaven, the resurrection body, doubt, anger, guilt, and dashed dreams are covered with great care to minister to the hearts of those who are grieving.

John Luke Terveen
Dr. John Luke Terveen has been a senior pastor for ten years and a professor at Multnomah Biblical Seminary for the last twelve years. He teaches New Testament and Greek, which has allowed him to investigate the Scriptures more thoroughly in regards to grief and loss. He has four children, one of whom has gone to be with the Lord. He and his family live in the Portland, Oregon, area.

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