Free eBook – Thrashing About With God by Mandy Steward ($15 Normally)

Free eBook – Thrashing About With God: Finding Faith on the Other Side of Everything by Mandy Steward ($15 Normally)

What if Jesus didn’t die so our lives could look perfect? What if He died so we could stop feeling like our lives have to be perfect to mean something? What if we simply live out our own story, even if it doesn’t look as others say it should? Mandy Steward set out in pursuit of these what-ifs. She didn’t find answers so much as she discovered a messy grace that knows no limits and a God that was and is willing to thrash about with her no matter her questions or struggles or doubts. What she found was abundant life, but it didn’t look like she thought it was going to. It was far different, and much deeper. This is a book without “easy” answers that lets those struggling with faith and searching for more know they are not alone.

Mandy Steward
Mandy Steward is a writer, speaker, and blogger in the midst of discovering her authentic Christian self. Her writing has appeared in Brio and Breakaway magazines and on her blog Her work reflects her life as a wife and mother of four and her passion for art. She lives with her family in Oklahoma City.


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