Free eBook – The Stranger in Your House by Gregory L. Jantz ($15 Normally)

Free eBook – The Stranger in Your House by Gregory L. Jantz ($15 Normally)

The Stranger in Your House
Best-selling author Dr. Gregory L. Jantz offers hope and help for parents of teens.

Adolescence is a frightening and complicated time – for teens and parents. Keeping the roller coaster of the teen years on track takes work and wisdom. Many parents simply don’t know where to start. With Dr. Jantz’s help they can stop worrying about the turbulence of adolescence and take action. With included resources, reflection questions, and guidance from a Christian perspective, parents learn how to become a port in the storm for their teenager, discovering the God-designed future and promise that awaits.

Gregory L. Jantz
Dr. Gregory L. Jantz is the author of numerous books, including Hope, Help, Healing for Eating Disorders, and Gotta Have It! He is the founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, a leading healthcare facility near Seattle specializing in whole-person care. Ann McMurray has worked with Dr. Jantz on many of his best-selling books. Learn more at




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