Free eBook – 7 Secrets of Persuasion ($11 Normally)

Free eBook  – 7 Secrets of Persuasion  ($11 Normally)

7 Secrets of Persuasion ($11 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Check out the first book to take the latest scientific insights about the mind and apply them to the art of persuasion.

Whether your goal is to persuade one person—a husband, child, or boss—or the millions who might purchase an Apple Watch or a Budweiser, 7 Secrets of Persuasion will show you how to:

    Unearth the motivation that actually changes a behavior like smoking, voting, or buying, even though people don’t know why they do what they do
    Tap into the mental process that gives religious symbols, political symbols, and commercial logos their power
    Make a promise that is delayed, uncertain, and rational more compelling by making it immediate, certain, and emotional
    Transform your candidate, service, or product into the one people want by utilizing what psychologists call the “fundamental attribution error”

Offer expires 12/14.


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