Free $13 eBook – Divine Intention by Larry Shallenberger (Today)

Free $13 eBook – Divine Intention by Larry Shallenberger (Today)

Divine Intention: How God's Work in the Early Church Empowers Us Today by [Shallenberger, Larry]

When a group of people practice something for two thousand years, the expectation is that they’d eventually get whatever it was they were committed to doing right. But the fact is that we as individuals and as a corporate community are still struggling with many of the issues that plagued the early church.

Larry Shallenberger takes a fresh look at the book of Acts to help you gain a deeper understanding of how God moved in the early church and what that means for you today.

Larry Shallenberger
Larry Shallenberger is the pastor of Children’s and Student Ministries at Grace Baptist Church. He oversees ministries that touch the lives of churchgoers ages 0 to 25. Larry is also the author of Lead the Way God Made You and a monthly columnist on Most importantly, Larry is passionate for the future of the church and is eager to enter his thoughts into the conversation.




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