Signature Health Feedback

Signature Health Feedback
Shared Recently with the Signature Health Family on the subject, “Dealing with Difficult People.” Afterward, I asked for a W.A.G.E (Feedback). This was their response. Looking forward to our next connection.

Responses W.A.G.E.
Weak – 0%
Average – 0%
Good – 25%
Excellent – 75%

What’s the ONE THING you received that you will use? Please Share:
•  The scale and follow you on twitter. Thanks so much for your time…excellent training!
•  Holmes Rahe Stress Scale
•  I liked your graphic with the peace making / peace breaking / peace faking… and I appreciated the various resources like the Holmes Rahe Stress Scale and the Situational Leadership Style.  I could imagine using each of these with stakeholders at various times.
•  Situational Leadership Styles
•  That each response to conflict has both pluses and minuses. This often is missing in the discussion.
•  “Just always good to refresh things I’ve learned before, but remember how to apply it in a new setting. Very well delivered.”
•  Use a more collaborative approach when dealing with difficult people.
•  I have done some of the conflict resolution training before. Found a great book titled, “Antagonist in the Congregation,” during my earlier ministry. It is interesting, I think, if we could use this at a Manager event, FAB, etc. to see how the managers view themselves and one another. Would open the door, I think, to better communication and resolution. Thanks.
•  Better understanding of how to use my personality strengths & weaknesses in conflict resolutions.
•  The positives and the negatives of these words. (The fives responses to conflict.)
•  There are so many ways to “win” without sacrificing each others principles. I realized the importance of taking the lead measure rather than being to passive.  Excellent – usable!
•  “I see that it is important the way I present myself when in conflict, and it is not good to avoid the stress of expected rejection/conflict.  Presentation may lessen rejection/conflict.”


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