Free $10 eBook – Great Joy by D.L. Moody

Free $10 eBook – Great Joy by D.L. Moody




The one great thing that the church lacks at the present day, and if you ask me to put it into as small space as possible I can put it into a word of four letters—and that is, “Love.” Show me a church in which the members love one another, and I will show you a church that is on fire in the cause of Christ. In it there is a revival every day for the twelve months of the year—the 365 days of the year are filled with continual manifestations of Christ’s love. That is the lack today. There is lukewarmness—coldness one towards another. In Second Titus Paul tells what Christians’ lives should be—sound in faith, sound in love, and sound in patience.

Great Joy is a series of sermons delivered at the Chicago Tabernacle by D.L. Moody in the mid-1870s. Reporters from the Chicago newspaper The Inter-Ocean undertook to give an accurate phonographic report of his sermons and later revised, corrected and published them as Great Joy. Over fifty sermons are found in this volume including: The Reward of the Faithful, The Precious Blood, Excuses, Trust, How to Conduct Inquiry Meetings, Their Rock Is Not as Our Rock, Address to Business Men and The Right Spirit.




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