Free $15 eBook – High Expectations by Thom Rainer

Free $15 eBook – High Expectations by Thom Rainer

High Expectations


Over and over again these pastors explained to us that Christians who are equipped to do the work of ministry are more likely to remain active in the church than other members. One of the most powerful type of equipping approaches is the teaching of God’s Word through contextual preaching. As the Bible is taught in its context week after week through expository preaching, the Holy Spirit teaches the people and convicts them about their service and places of ministry. This form of equipping is also able to reach the most people, since the worship service is typically the point of highest attendance.

The facts are in: The best way to retain church members is to expect more of them.

For over a quarter of a century the problem of losing church members has progressively increased. Today the situation is so bad that less than one-third of the members in some churches attend worship services. Church leaders are crying for help.

In an effort to help church leaders, the Billy Graham School of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary conducted a massive research project involving nearly 287 churches. The most revealing aspect of the study was that the higher expectations placed on members, the greater the likelihood that the members would stay and be involved with the church. Using the data gathered from this project, Thom Rainer presents the first-ever comprehensive study about “closing the back door.” Rainer looks at why people are leaving the church and how church leaders can keep the members.

High Expectations offers specific proven steps for keeping members’ interest at it’s peak.


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