Free $10 eBook – The Wiersbe Bible Study Series – Judges by Warren W. Wiersbe (Expires 12.13.19)

Free $10 eBook – The Wiersbe Bible Study Series – Judges by Warren W. Wiersbe (Expires 12.13.19)

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Judges: Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy

Are you willing to be used for God’s Glory?

Just as we do today, people in biblical times lived in a time of turmoil when evil often triumphed over good. And that’s when good people can make a great difference—in their nation and in the world. Following the time period from the death of Joshua to the rise of Saul, the book of Judges reminds us that God is looking for those who are ready to battle the enemy and see truth reign victorious.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series delivers practical, in-depth guides to selected books of the Bible. Featuring insights from Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s Be Available commentary, this eight-week study includes engaging questions and practical applications that will help you connect God’s Word with your life.



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