Free $4 eBook – A Parent’s Guide to Bullying by Axis (Exp 2.8)

Free $4 eBook – A Parent’s Guide to Bullying by Axis (Exp 2.8)

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Bullying is a huge threat to our kids, and we need to not only teach our kids how to confront bullying in all its forms but also how to recognize the signs of it so we can confront it appropriately.

If you think your kid is being bullied, it can be scary, confusing, and intimidating. The parent guide will help you

• Recognize if your kid or someone else is being bullied
• Understand the repercussions of bullying
• Talk to your kid about bullying
• Know the next steps to take if your kid is dealing with bullying of any kind.

This guide helps you understand the different types of bullying and how to teach our kids to love others not bully them (or watch them be bullied).



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*Offer expires 2/8/20 and may not be available in all regions.

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