Free $4 e-Book – A Parent’s Guide to Teens & Doubt from Axis (Exp 4/3)

Free $4 e-Book – A Parent’s Guide to Teens & Doubt from Axis (Exp 4/3)

A Parent's Guide to Teens & Doubt (Axis Parent's Guide) by [Axis]

Doubts can be alarming, but they don’t have to be! This guide encourages you to let the conversations flow as you join your teens in their search for truth in the midst of a culture that preaches “tolerance” as king. You’ll touch on questions like:

• Does truth exist?
• What if my teenager doesn’t care if God exists?
• Is there evidence that God exists?
• Could that evidence point to a different God?
• Can we trust the Bible?

Parent Guides are your one-stop shop for biblical guidance on teen culture, trends, and struggles. In 15 pages or fewer, each guide tackles issues your teens are facing right now—things like doubts, the latest apps and video games, mental health, technological pitfalls, and more. Using Scripture as their backbone, these Parent Guides offer compassionate insight to teens’ world, thoughts, and feelings, as well as discussion questions and practical advice for impactful discipleship.


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