DrHECardin – Palm Sunday – The Lord Needs a D.O.N.K.E.Y. (Nightly HOLY WEEK Bible Study)

DrHECardin – Palm Sunday – The Lord Needs a D.O.N.K.E.Y. (Nightly HOLY WEEK Bible Study)

Join us each evening starting tomorrow (April 6, 2020) for the Holy Week Bible Study – 6:30 pm CT (7:30pm/ET). The videos may be found – EyeWitnessBible.org/Holy-Week-Series/

Again, each evening at 6:30pm, CT, please view the videos BEFORE we meet. (We will not be streaming the videos.)

Tentative Schedule

• Fig Monday: Seven Miraculous Signs – Pastor

• Holy Tuesday – Andrew – Kim Allen

• Spy Wednesday – Judas – Tom Meyers

• Maundy Thursday – Vine, Branches, Fruit & Leaves – Ed George

• Good Friday – Peter and Pilate – Ed George

• Black Saturday – The Last Day – Tom Meyers

• Easter Sunday – Resurrection – Pastor

For those participating in the ZOOM Bible Study (Face-to-Face), direct message me (pastor). Please feel free to share this with others so they may receive an invitation. (Due to nefarious individuals, this will work best to protect our face-to-face time.)

Please let us know if you are only able to join by phone. (Face-to-face works for computers, tablets and smart phones.)

We are excited about OUR time together as well as including OTHERS to celebrate HOLY WEEK!

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One Response to DrHECardin – Palm Sunday – The Lord Needs a D.O.N.K.E.Y. (Nightly HOLY WEEK Bible Study)

  1. Doris Wise says:

    I have really enjoyed your Sunday get-togethers with us and hopefully will get to do the Holy Week Series. Have loved you since you took my little man (Dewayne Hamby) under your wing and it has paid off. He is a wonderful man of God now and all you guys that were part of his mentoring, I can never thank you enough!!

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