$100 Worth of Free eBooks – (Expires May 25)

$100 Worth of Free eBooks – (Expires May 25)

Free $20 eBook – 365 Days with Spurgeon, Volume 1 by Terence Peter Crosby


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I wanted the $33, FREE with Coupon MEM2020 – Counseling the Hard Cases – True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God’s Resources in Scripture by Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert

Counseling the Hard Cases – Wordsearch Bible

Biblical counselors have worked for decades to demonstrate that God’s resources in Scripture are sufficient to help people with their counseling-related problems. In Counseling the Hard Cases, editors Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert use the true stories of real patients to show how the truths of God’s Word can be released to bring help, hope, and healing into the lives of those who struggle with some of the most difficult psychiatric diagnoses.

From pastors and academics to physicians and psychiatrists, a world-class team of contributing counselors share accounts of Scripture having helped overcome bipolar, dissociative identity, and obsessive compulsive disorders, postpartum depression, panic attacks, addiction, issues from childhood sexual abuse, homosexuality, and more.

The book also shows how the graces of Christ, as revealed in the Bible, brought powerful spiritual change to the lives of such people who seemed previously burdened beyond hope by mental and emotional roadblocks.

Contributors include John Babler, Ph.D., Kevin Carson, D.Min., Laura Hendrickson, M.D., Garrett Higbee, Psy.D., Robert Jones, D.Min., Martha Peace, RN, Steve Viars, D.Min., and Dan Wickert, M.D.

About the Author

Stuart Scott is associate professor of Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He also authored The Exemplary Husband and is a board member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Heath Lambert is associate professor of Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and its undergraduate institution, Boyce College. He also serves as pastor of Biblical Living at his church overseeing the counseling and marriage ministries.

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