Free $30 eBook (Logos) Foundations of Systematic Theology by Thomas Guarino (Free for a Short Time)

Free $30 eBook (Logos) Foundations of Systematic Theology by Thomas Guarino (Free for a Short Time)

Foundations of Systematic Theology examines Christian doctrine and argues that a full Christian theology much be fully aware of its own doctrinal tradition, particularly the unity of faith through history, and also of its awareness of hermeneutics and philosophy, especially epistemology. Guarino argues that revelation and faith must not, and indeed cannot, be chained to non-foundationalist metaphysics. Anything less detaches Christianity’s self-understanding from its own true claims.

The Christian theology presented here moves beyond naïve and wooden referentialism, taking seriously the critiques of trust from postmodernity, while suggesting an alternative to the total unmooring of knowledge and truth that results. The best theology recognizes these challenges, not as concessions, but as ontologically productive and enriching developments, but within a froundationalist framework. Notions of first philosophy, truth, hermeneutics, and language are essential for grounding the profound and enduring doctrines of the Christian theology. They provide additional intelligibility to the depositum fidei as taught and handed down by the church.

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