Free $16 eBook, Lift – Experiencing the Elevated Life By Tony Cooke (Today Only)

Free $16 eBook, Lift – Experiencing the Elevated Life By Tony Cooke (Today Only)

Lift: Experiencing the Elevated Life

Lift: Experiencing the Elevated Life by [Cooke Tony]

Heaven may offer relief — but God’s power can help you prosper in life! Rise up, find purpose, and become extraordinary with this moving book that provides Christian readers a path through hardship

Have you ever envied the success of people around you, wondering why they prosper when they are living an ungodly life? Have you ever struggled to get through the day because of life’s challenges, yet felt too ashamed to share your struggle with other believers? Have you ever imagined what the future will be like, dreaming to escape the hardships of earth for the glories of heaven? Have you ever felt that you were made for more-that there must be more to this life?

These are some of the common challenges that Christians face. You are not alone in your faith-or your struggle. But you have not been left to struggle, sentenced to a mediocre life where you can only wait for the relief of heaven. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead nearly two thousand years ago and will one day resurrect and transform our mortal body is available right now to change you and empower you to answer God’s upward call.

The principles in Lift: Experiencing the Elevate Life will help you overcome the forces that conspire to beat you down and equip you to step into the right-now, present-tense resurrection power of God that will raise you up. Learning lessons from Scripture and those who lived the elevated life, you can move from ordinary to extraordinary, from natural to supernatural, from purposeless to purposeful as God’s power lifts you from where you are now to where he wants you to be.

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