Free $25 eBooks, The Grace of Healing By Bob Yandian (Today Only)

Free $25 eBooks, The Grace of Healing By Bob Yandian (Today Only)

The Grace of Healing: Revealing God's Heart to Heal by [Bob Yandian, Rick Renner]

The Grace of Healing: Revealing God’s Heart to Heal by Bob Yandian (Author), Rick Renner (Foreword)

God grants healing through His grace — not faith alone. A pastor shares the biblical perspective on health and spiritual growth in this practical guide for Christians.

Why does God heal some people but not others?

Do you have questions about divine healing? How does it work? What is required? How much faith is necessary?

In The Grace of Healing, pastor, author, and renowned Bible teacher Bob Yandian answers these questions while revealing the missing ingredient to the healing you’ve been praying for—grace!

Over the course of church history, the doctrines of grace and faith have been taken to separate extremes as they relate to healing. The result is that many believers struggle to understand or receive healing from God. Those on the side of grace deny the need for faith, believing that God only heals a select few. For those who only see a need for faith, the pursuit of healing becomes a legalistic struggle to change God’s mind.

But Pastor Bob takes a different approach, offering practical and straight-to-the-point biblical teaching that balances the elements of grace and faith—so your health can spring forth speedily.

You’ll find the healing you’ve been waiting for when you find the missing ingredient of grace!




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