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Nuggets: From Tues 4/29

  • Don’t Promise Bread and Give Them Rocks!
    Then had bread waiting in the altar call.
  • Nicky Gumbel – A Church that is not evangelizing is “Cleaning Nets” – that’s what the church does when they are not witnessing. We need to clean nets, but nets are for fishing!
  • What happens when people show up to church for promised bread and they get hit by a rock?” -Jim Bergin #Exponential
  • Church can be like going to a movie that’s already in the middle. #Alpha explains what happened first.” @NickyGumbel
  • If you don’t speak “lost” and you expect them to speak “saved” you will have a very short shelf life. #Exponential
  • Please don’t plant a church that the rest of us have to apologize for. Be a church that puts down it’s rocks. ~ #JimBurgen
  • We need translators – “If you don’t speak “lost” then how do you expect them to understand “saved” -Jim Bergen
  • “89% of younger unchurched are willing to listen to someone tell them about their faith in Jesus” – @edstetzer
  • Who paid for the prodigal’s ring? Sandals? We do. @PastorChoco
  • The average homeless person in America is 9 years old #chocodejesus
  • What level of lostness are we comfortable with? #exponential
  • “If the flock is being fed and all are feeling safe, the shepherd will never move the sheep” #Exponential
  • Our lack of ability to reach someone reveals something wrong with our definition of Christlikeness #discipleship #exponential
  • “Cast your net and don’t worry about what kind of fish you catch” #Exponential


Wednesday April 30

845am-945am: Session 4
Larry Osborne
Alan Hirsch
Damian Boyd

Rethinking Witness
Everyone has a story that intersects with Jesus’ story-whether or not they realize (or acknowledge) it. While some of us have the gift of evangelism, all of us are called to be witnesses to the transformation Jesus has made in us.As church leaders, we have to rethink witness, equipping people to listen to others and share their God story versus a series of “canned” propositional truths. When people are equipped to genuinely engage in spiritual conversations and share their story, all people can become witnesses for the Good News.

1015am-1145am: Session 5
Michael Frost
Hugh Halter
Danielle Strickland

1pm-2pm: Session 6
Craig Groeschel
Jeanne Stevens
Greg Nettle

Rethinking Preaching
In almost every context outside of the church, preaching is equated with bad news. Those far from God do not want to be “preached at” or talked down to. As church leaders, we know preaching is important to Jesus’ core mission. It’s one way we declare the good news of the gospel. Rather than pitting Jesus against society, we must learn to offer Him as an attractive hope for the answers society is skeptically looking for. Rethinking preaching in ways that ultimately lead to a new perception of preaching as good news to those who don’t yet know Him is crucial to effective evangelism.

230pm-330pm: Session 7
James Meeks
Andy Stanley
Tim Keller
Matt Chandler

400pm-530pm: Session 8
Tim Keller
Dave Ferguson
James Meeks
Matt Chandler
Andy Stanley

Thursday May 1

Rethinking the Great Commission
Every church leader struggles with balancing the tension between building community and family within the church (and a strong staff team), while also releasing and sending people to start new faith communities. In making disciples who are becoming more like Jesus, we have to intentionally create a culture of “next steps.” And part of these next steps is the sending and releasing of leaders to multiply and reproduce faith communities. As leaders, it’s vital we learn to celebrate next steps and reproduction. Rethinking the Great Commission equips us to define and articulate what it means to multiply disciples and move toward accelerating movements in and through their church.

845am-945am: Session 9
Dave Ferguson
Greg Nettle
Greg Surratt
Matt Chandler
Dave Travis

1015am-12pm: Session 10
Oscar Muriu
Dave Ferguson
Bill Hybels




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