Free Friday Book – Preaching with Bold Assurance

Free Friday Book –  Preaching with Bold Assurance : A Solid and Enduring Approach to Engaging Exposition by Hershael W. York and Bert Decker

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Although God is sovereign and can work through anyone he chooses to use, he clearly uses those who are most committed to preparation, study, and hard work. If we want to have a real demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, ministries, and sermons, we cannot simply do nothing while hoping that God decides to use us. We strive and agonize in our study and commitment to our calling so that we are always at God’s complete disposal.

Our preparation, our diligence to study, our commitment to be better communicators does not discount the power of the Spirit, but instead expects it. Because we really believe that God can and will use us, we prepare the text, the sermon, and our own delivery skills so we are fit vessels for God to use.

Preachers are under a biblical mandate to preach with conviction, passion, and in a way that the Word of God engages the audience and grips their hearts. Hershael York and Bert Decker have the experience and methodology to help you do that. Preaching with Bold Assurance will help you bring the proven principles of the Bold Assurance concept to your pulpit, giving you a practical tool to help you use your mind, mouth, and being to communicate effectively.

You will learn the tools for powerful and effective communication based on biblical truth and proven concepts from the business world so you can preach boldly and skillfully by understanding how God uses you as communicator-His mouthpiece proclaiming His message to the world.



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