Free eBook – No Idea by Greg Garrett ($13 after today)

Free eBook – No Idea by Greg Garrett ($13 after today)

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The critically acclaimed author of Crossing Myself tells the next chapter of his personal story as he reflects on issues of discernment, discipleship, and vocation that should matter to everyone.

How can you live faithfully when you’re not quite sure where life is taking you? How do you find joy and purpose in the midst of the uncertain, the unfinished, the uneasy? Inspired and comforted by Thomas Merton’s famous prayer that begins, “My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going,” award-winning writer and teacher Greg Garrett looks back at his own recent journey and tells stories from his life that will speak to anyone who has ever felt that sense of being lost along the way. Deeply honest and fully engaging, these reflections on discernment, discipleship, relationship, and vocation will inspire readers to reflect on their own journeys and discover surprising ways that God may be moving in their own lives.

Greg Garrett
Greg Garrett is the critically-acclaimed author of the novels Free Bird, Cycling, and Shame, the memoir Crossing Myself, and nonfiction books on faith, culture, and narrative including The Gospel according to Hollywood, Holy Superheroes, The Gospel Reloaded (with Chris Seay), Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief, and We Get to Carry Each Other: The Gospel according to U2. He has written essays, articles, reviews, and lessons for national and regional print and web publications and is a primary writer for the Scripture project The Voice. An award-winning professor of English at Baylor University, Greg is also a frequent speaker, workshop and retreat leader, and media guest, having been featured on NPR, BBC Radio, and Sirius Radio’s The Bob Edwards Show.



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