Free eBook – Fire From Heaven by Mark & Craig Bubeck ($13 after 7.28.2015)

Free eBook – Fire From Heaven by Mark & Craig Bubeck ($13 after 7.28.2015)

Fire From Heaven: God's Provision for Personal Spiritual Victory

There is a great awakening on the 21st century church’s horizon, and it depends on you. All the signs of history and culture point to the certainty of God bringing about revival to his people, one by one—and soon!

Satan knows that to resist broad-scope revival, the spiritual battlefront is ironically very personal. You must understand your vital part in the immanent battle and equip yourself enthusiastically to answer the call.

The corporate body of Christ’s war is very personal battle—it is in a real sense, an “army of one”!
Mark & Craig Bubeck

Dr. Mark I. Bubeck is the founder and president emeritus of International Center for Biblical Counseling. A pastor for over 40 years, he also authored several books including The Adversary and Overcoming the Adversary. He has been used by the Lord to help awaken evangelicals to the need for revival and the reality of the spiritual battle facing the church today. Mark has “retired” to an active speaking, writing, and counseling ministry with ICBC. He lives in Sun City, Arizona.

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