Free eBook – Lucky by Glenn Packiam ($15 after 8.31.2015)

Free eBook – Lucky by Glenn Packiam ($15 after 8.31.2015)

Lucky uncovers how the poor, hungry, mourning and persecuted are blessed because the Kingdom of heaven—its fullness, comfort, and reward—is theirs in spite of their condition. This is Christ’s announcement: the Kingdom of God has come to unlikely people.

Like the people Jesus addressed, we are called lucky not because of our pain or brokenness but because in spite of it, we have been invited into the Kingdom. The trajectory of our lives have been altered. What’s more, we now have a part in the future that God is bringing. Like Abraham, we have been blessed to carry blessing, to live as luck-bearers to the unlikely and unlucky.

Glenn Packiam
Glenn Packiam is the lead pastor of new life DOWNTOWN, an extension of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the author of LUCKY, Secondhand Jesus, and Butterfly in Brazil. As a worship leader and artist with Integrity Music, Glenn is also the writer of several well-loved worship songs. He and his wife, Holly, along with their four children live each day with gratitude.


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