Free eBook – Cents & Sensibility by Scott & Bethany Palmer ($15 after 9.15.2015)

Free eBook – Cents & Sensibility by Scott & Bethany Palmer ($15 after 9.15.2015)

Conflicts about money are often the key source of arguments between couples. That’s because most of the time, spouses look at financial matters very differently. One might be a “saver” while the other is a “spender.” But neither type is necessarily “right” in the way they choose to handle family funds.

This is a guidebook to help married and engaged couples build (or rebuild) their relationship by working together on financial issues. With God’s principles at work, there is hope for arriving at financial balance! Couples learn to understand and respect each other, and by communicating more effectively, can begin the journey to financial harmony—and joy!

Scott & Bethany Palmer
Scott and Bethany Palmer are partners in life, work and ministry. Together they successfully manage Christian Retirement Coalition—an international benefits ministry that serves ministries and ministry professionals with retirement plans and group benefits. They skillfully manage their professional and home lives, splitting their time between professional endeavors and caring for their two young boys, Cole and Cade, at home in Colorado.



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