Free eBook Hermeneia: Matthew 1–7: A Commentary on Matthew 1–7 for Logos Bible Software & Vyrso (For Nov 2015)

Hermeneia: Matthew 1–7: A Commentary on Matthew 1–7
The birth narrative, the baptism and temptation of Jesus, the beginnings of his Galilean ministry, and the Sermon on the Mount are all brilliantly illumined by Ulrich Luz’s expert textual and historical-critical analysis and theological commentary. Luz brings special attention to the subsequent history of Christian appropriation of Matthew in homiletical and artistic interpretation, and addresses the terrible legacy of Christian anti-Judaism. This volume completes Luz’s 3-volume commentary on the Gospel of Matthew in the Hermeneia series. A translation of the earlier German edition of Matthew 1–7 appeared in Fortress Press’ Continental Commentary series. The text has been thoroughly revised and updated.

May also use this via the Vyrso app.

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