Free eBook – The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard (Normally $17)

Free eBook – The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard (Normally $17)

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The Heart of a Leader offers Blanchard’s insight and wisdom on:
•   Choosing values
•   Aiming for excellence
•   Maintaining integrity
•   Finding the courage to change
•   Helping others reach their potential

Arranged with your busy schedule in mind, this book offers you Blanchard’s most important concepts in an accessible format. You can reach for instant motivation and insight on a daily basis or soak it up in one reading. Powerfully challenging and deeply inspiring, The Heart of a Leader will enable you to develop the courageous heart of a true leader, master key attitudes and actions to impact lives around you, and enjoy the profound wisdom that only Ken Blanchard can deliver.

January 1, 2010

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