Free eBook – Get Real by John Leonard ($18 Normally)

Free eBook – Get Real by John Leonard ($18 Normally)

Christians often make evangelism into an awkward experience. We host evangelism events and rehearse three-step plans, but we struggle to relate to non-Christians or to tell our own stories in an authentic way. Get Real calls us to live out what Christ modeled–a lifestyle of actively sharing the good news in our relationships. John Leonard–pastor, seminary professor, and former missionary–shows how Christ’s own example releases us to love, listen, pray fervently, and respond faithfully to opportunities everyday. When we get real, we are free to share our everyday faith with the people God places in our lives.

John Leonard
John Leonard, PhD, a former professor at Westminster Seminary, is the founding pastor of Cresheim Church (PCA). He also served as a missionary with Arab World Ministries in France. John and his wife Christy have three children.

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