Free $15 eBook – Living with Purpose by Myles Munroe

Free $15 eBook – Living with Purpose by Myles Munroe
Living with Purpose: Devotions for Discovering Your God-Given Potential by [Munroe, Myles]
From a USA Today bestselling author: It can be easy to forget that we all have a greater purpose. Drawing from important Bible passages, this wisdom-filled devotional will improve your understanding of God’s divine plan in your daily life.

Publisher Description
Inspiration That Will Unlock Your Potential and Release Your Destiny!

You were made for greatness, not mediocrity.

Every human being was formed in the image and likeness of the Creator–a God of purpose and destiny. In turn, it is Heaven’s perfect plan for you to maximize your life, fulfill your destiny and live with a sense of divine purpose!

In the Living With Purpose devotional, you will receive access to Biblical wisdom and spiritual insights that will help you face your day with increased vision and live your life with a greater sense of destiny.

Dr. Myles Munroe was more than a revolutionary ministry leader and bestselling author; he was a prophetic voice who called forth potential in the lives of those to whom he ministered. Through this collection of his timeless teachings on purpose and potential, Dr. Munroe encourages you to dream bigger, inspires your vision, and empowers your potential!

It’s time for you to live with divine purpose!



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