Free $13 eBook – Find Us Faithful – Leadership That Leaves a Legacy by David Olford

Free $13 eBook – Find Us Faithful – Leadership That Leaves a Legacy by David Olford

We never know how much time we have in any given relationship, responsibility, ministry, or situation. And because of the awareness of the potential brevity of any season, we need to determine what really matters, what really counts, and what really must be done. We must be occupied faithfully with what God wants us to be and do in any given relationship or situation before we have to say, “Good-bye.”

Find Us Faithful is a unique study of leadership based on the Apostle Paul’s farewell address to the church elders of Ephesus found in Acts 20:17-35—the profound final words of one great leader to another historic group of leaders.

Author David Olford explains, “In studying this text we are going to be looking at three lasting legacies of utmost value that this faithful leader left to the church. These are legacies that we as leaders today would do well to leave behind. We will see that Paul first left a personal example behind at Ephesus. Secondly, he left a preached word. And then the third legacy was a prepared leadership.”

Church leaders from all backgrounds will indeed find ongoing inspiration in this fresh and succinct exposition.


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