Free $10 eBook – The Evolutionary Leader

Free $10 eBook – The Evolutionary Leader

The Evolutionary Leader ($9.95 Value) FREE For a Limited Time
In The Evolutionary Leader, Timothy J. Carroll, a world class athlete and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, shares 5 practical steps to dramatically develop people and performance.

In his role of developing leaders worldwide, Timothy discusses the biggest challenges leaders face and provides solutions to overcome them. Evolutionary leaders are revolutionary by nature, and this handbook answers the following questions, providing proven tools on how to perform out of your mind:

    What are the secrets of how human beings work?
    How do you use these to help others and yourself perform consistently?
    What can you do to liberate yourself from self-limiting programming?
    How do you own, manage and deal with emotions for peak performance?
    What are the secrets to being super present and calm?
    How do you take your health and performance to the next level?

Transform yourself into an evolutionary leader and boost your team and individual performance.

Free offer expires 7/3/17


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