Free $20 eBook – The Teaching Ministry of the Church by William Yount (Today Only)

Free $20 eBook – The Teaching Ministry of the Church by William Yount (Today Only)


“The work of Christian education is to analyze that divinely ordained process of supernatural transformation as it intersects relevant life changes in preschoolers, children, youth, and adults who live in a natural world. This interaction of supernatural and natural processes of change carries the theological issues of conversion, regeneration, sanctification, and transformation into the realm of the social sciences—particularly educational psychology—as we deal honestly with changes in the cognitive (knowledge and understanding), affective (values and preferences), and behavioral (skills and habits) areas of life. The work of Christian education carries us into the church and out into the world through ministry.”

The second edition of The Teaching Ministry of the Church makes a major overhaul of its predecessor, increasing the content from eighteen to twenty-three chapters and contributors from six to thirteen. These writers assert that the need for such an expanded update is due to our ever-changing world. For example, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, proliferation of religious sects, and secularization of our culture greatly increase the importance of ensuring the church produces fully developed, biblically informed followers of Jesus. To that end, The Teaching Ministry of the Church presents a full overview of Christian education in four major sections: Theological Foundations, Biblical Foundations, Preparation for Teaching, and Structuring the Teaching Ministry of the Church. Within this framework, a step-by-step plan for establishing and maintaining an effective teaching ministry among preschoolers, children, youth, and adults takes shape.

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