Free $13 eBook Preaching From The Inside Out by Charles B. Bugg

Free $13 eBook Preaching From The Inside Out by Charles B. Bugg



We need to speak about a gospel that provides purpose and power for life. There needs to be a certainty in our sound. As preachers we are called to speak about a Christ who does not make a little difference or some difference, but who makes all the difference. Our deepest hungers will not be led by meringue and whip cream. People are hungry for something with substance. They want to follow someone like Jesus who said with certainty and assurance, “Follow me.”

The reader of Preaching From The Inside Out will soon discover that the experience of the book is that of listening to Professor Bugg talk to his students about preaching. Even when he is talking about his students, the professor is talking to his students. In other words, this book is conversational. The perceptive reader will find here easy access to much reading, reflection, experience, and prayer.


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