Free $14 eBook – Praying the Lord’s Prayer Kindle Edition by Cleddie Keith

Free $14 eBook – Praying the Lord’s Prayer  by Cleddie Keith

Praying the Lord's Prayer by [Keith, Cleddie]


You Can Pray the Way Jesus Prayed!


Everyone who wants to pray effectively needs to read this book.


Pastor Cleddie Keith is a living testimony of the power of prayer. Anyone can teach theory, but Praying the Lord’s Prayer gives you all the secrets that Pastor Keith has discovered by experience over the years he has walked with God.


In this powerful book, you will learn how the author:

Enters the Secret Place of Prayer.

Prays with God-Moving Faith.

Developed a Passionate Prayer Life.

Discovered How to Pray Without Ceasing.

Receives Incredible Answers to Prayers.


Most importantly, the author shows you how to experience this simple yet powerful success as well.

Pastor Cleddie Keith expands on the foundations of what has been called the “Model Prayer” to show you how to produce powerful results. By entering into that secret place with the Lord, you can emerge a tried-and-true prayer warrior.

Watch your devotional time transform from discipline to desire to delight!



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