Free – $20 eBook – The Minirth Guide for Christian Counselors by Dr. Frank Minirth

Free – $20 eBook – The Minirth Guide for Christian Counselors by Dr. Frank Minirth



What is Christian counseling? Christian counseling could be defined as “the ministry of one individual seeking to help another person recognize, understand, and solve his or her own problems in accordance with the Word of God.” The emphasis in the above definition is on only two individuals—the patient and the therapist. This emphasis is valid, yet Christian counseling has even further implications. The entire body of Christ in a local area has a responsibility to minister to the emotional needs of one of its members, and the counselor will do well to take advantage in therapy of the great rehabilitative resources available in the local church.

Christian counseling involves the integration of faith and medicine, and Dr. Frank Minirth, qualified in the fields of medicine, theology and counseling, has represented the epitome of the disciple.

The Minirth Guide for Christian Counselors is a comprehensive resource for those who counsel from the Scriptures, providing analysis of the four most common emotional obstacles in counseling, and providing biblical solutions. This book also examines why Christians suffer breakdowns and how Christian counselors can offer unique help.

The Minirth Guide for Christian Counselors also includes a comprehensive collection of the most commonly needed and most helpful forms used in counseling such a billing and insurance, confidentiality statement, consent for mentoring, appointment sheet, release of information, evaluation forms, commonly needed phone numbers, and more.



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