Free $15 eBook – My Favorite Illustrations by Herschel Hobbs

Free $15 eBook – My Favorite Illustrations by Herschel Hobbs


My Favorite Illustrations is a compilation of illustrations Dr. Hobbs has used in Studying Adult Life and Work Lessons. Included are anecdotes, quotations and poems.

If something is wrong with your church and you wonder why, the place to start seeking an answer is with yourself. Is your church unfriendly? What about you? Is it unconcerned about the lost? Are you? Is it behind on its budget requirements? Are you behind, or are you penny-pinching in your giving? Is there hostility in the fellowship? What of your attitude and behavior? You may or may not find the answers within yourself. Nevertheless, you need to be certain you are not part of the problem before you begin pointing an accusing finger at others.


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