Free $18 eBook, The Power of Praise & Worship By Terry Law with Jim Gilbert (Today Only)

Free $18 eBook, The Power of Praise & Worship By Terry Law with Jim Gilbert (Today Only)

The Power of Praise and Worship by [Terry Law, Jim Gilbert]

In this candid and inspiring work, a renowned minister shares how praise and worship saved his life after immense personal tragedy. Discover how the same forces can help heal you and empower you to spread God’s love.

You can get through life’s tragedies when you praise and worship the Lord! With gut-wrenching honesty, authors Terry Law and Jim Gilbert detail the tragedies in Terry’s life that led him to a deep dimension of Divine teamwork. Terry Law’s journey took him throughout the United States, through war-torn Afghanistan, and ancient Egypt to discover three spiritual truths expressed in worship and praise. God put these three spiritual powerhouses in your personal arsenal to use against the enemy: 1.The Word of God. 2.The Name of Jesus. 3.The Blood of Jesus. Arm yourself praise and worship are tools that break through the heavenlies all the way to the throne of God. As the author proves the sacrifice of praise and the blessing of worship saved his life. You, too, will be healed from the past and enjoy new hope for the future. You can handle all of life’s tragedies through The Power of Praise and Worship.




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