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Dr. H. E. Cardin has been in full time ministry for over 40 years.

History – Dr.  Cardin was born on the Island of Saipan in the Marianas Islands. Being from a diverse religious background. Completing high school at the age of 16, he moved out to live independently during the family being divided over divorce.

Ministry History – At the age of 17, while living on his own, he was led him to a local church where he became involved and began the ministry. At the age of 22, he accepted the responsibility of coordinating state youth and camping ministry for the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) in the State of Georgia.

While serving as an itinerant minister he began a family by marrying his best friend, Kim and had two children, a son, Drew and a daughter, Aleighsa (A-Lee-Sa). Drew is now married to dear Alex, living in Jacksonville, FL. Alei is married to John and lives in Cleveland, TN

Dr. Cardin moved into an international ministry when he began working in International Youth Camp. Then led a team of 13 into the country of Thailand to conduct its first youth camp (for the COGOP) and had crusades in many cities. Later he served on the Asian International Youth Camp Staff and participated in the International Leadership Conference in Singapore, Malaysia.

In 1988 he entered into the pastoral ministry serving in Trion then in Macon, GA. After six years with a pastoral focus he then returned to the state level to coordinate local church ministries (for the COGOP) in Georgia.

In 1994, Dr. Cardin was appointed the International Director of Youth, Children and Sunday School Ministries. July 1996, the appointment was International Director of Specialized Ministries (Local Church Ministries) which focused on Youth, Children’s and Women’s Ministries. Later, Men’s Ministries was added.

Responsibilities while serving in Cleveland included serving as editor of Victory2, (a youth magazine), coordinating and directing youth conferences, youth camps, and training sessions. Under this appointment he has conducted training sessions across the US and in the C.I.S. (formerly known as Russia), Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Bulgaria, Montserrat and Africa. He has taught in the M.A.C.E.A. (Mid-Atlantic Christian Education Association), served as an Executive Board Member of the D.E.C.E (Denominational Executives for Christian Education). Dr. Cardin has served as secretary to the International Presbyter and various International Office committees.

Dr. Cardin has directed LDI (Leadership Development Institute). A non-terminal leadership training for various level of church-life using top leadership and scholars that had global representation.

Education – Dr. Cardin received his Master’s of Divinity (M.Div.), in 1993 at the Church of God School of Theology in Cleveland, TN. He had spent four years in an internship program at Charter Lake Psychiatric Hospital in Macon, GA, and Riverwoods Psychiatric Hospital, Riverdale, GA, as a chaplain. (4 units of CPE, Clinical Pastoral Education.) He completed his Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.) with the Church of God Theology Seminary, June 2005. (Now known as PTS.)

TeachingDr. Cardin has been teaching for Lee University (DAL, Department of Adult Learning) since Jan 2006. Teaching:

  • (Bible) Introduction to the New Testament (BIBL 102)
  • (Bible)The Gospel of John (BIBL 204)
  • (Bible) The Synoptic Gospels (BIBL 312) (Matthew, Mark & Luke)
  • (Bible) Minor Prophets – BIBL-313)
  • (Pastoral) Introduction to Preaching 1 (PASM 261)
  • (Pastoral) The Ministry of Preaching 2 (PASM 262)
  • (Church Ministries) Mission of the Church (CHMN150-DOL1)
  • (Psychology) Marriage and Family (PSYC 220)
  • Non-accredited version of these and other courses are also taught throughout the globe on a regular basis.

TeachingDr. Cardin has been teaching for Pentecostal Theological Seminary (in partnership with AMD,  Accredited Ministry Development). Teaching:

  • (Bible) Major Prophets (OT 201)
  • (Pastoral) Leading Practices of Worship and Discipleship (PM 303)
  • (Pastoral) Ministry of the Word (PM 310)

TeachingDr. Cardin has been teaching for Spirit & Life Seminary. Teaching:

  • (Bible) Biblical Hermeneutics (BI 100)
  • Cross-Cultural Missions and Evangelism (CM 100)

Marriage/Family RetreatsDr. Cardin and his wife Kim have conducted retreats across the globe for many years (throughout North America, Greece, Malaysia and more).

Past Appointments – In 1994, Dr. Cardin was appointed the International Director of Youth, Children and Sunday School Ministries. July 1996, the appointment was International Director of Specialized Ministries (Local Church Ministries) which focused on Youth, Children’s and Women’s Ministries. Later, Men’s Ministries was added. 1998 Overseer (a pastor to pastors) of Washington & Alaska. 2000, Overseer of Georgia. He has served as secretary in the North American Leadership Counsel as well as the Church College Board. In 2006, he was appointed Tomlinson Center Director and CBL (Center For Biblical Leadership) Faculty, then added to the BDP (Bible, Doctrine and Polity) Committee.  In 2008, Dr. Cardin was appointed as the full time Tomlinson Center Director. Dr. Cardin has been serving on the editorial board of the White Wing Messenger. Dr. Cardin works in project management, consulting as well as serving as a guest speaker.

Presently -Dr. Cardin works as a Chaplain with Hearth Hospice, is the lead pastor at Turning Point Community Church (Cleveland, TN), continues to teach with Lee University (DAL), the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (AMD), and Spirit & Life Seminary, Cleveland, TN.

Other Interests – Music (banjo, guitar…), navigating the digital divide, spending time with family and friends.

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Dr. H. E. Cardin


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Dr. H. E. Cardin, Finding Your Ministry (Audio in English & Spanish) 11 mins.


Born on the Island of Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands, near Guam), over these many years, Dr. Cardin has given presentations/training and worked mostly as the keynote speaker in…

  • All 50 of the United States
  • Africa – Ghana
  • Bahamas
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Colombia (South America)
  • Cyprus
  • Dominican Republic
  • Egypt
  • England
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Holland
  • Indonesia
  • Jamaica
  • Laos (Border)
  • Montserrat
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Teaching in many more countries using various collaborative environments (Skype,  Zoom, Elluminate, Sharepoint, Moodle, Angel, Black Board, Fuze and more).

Negotiating not only the language but other challenges such as culture, digital-divide and more.



Kim is from Augusta, GA.
• Traveled and Conducted Children’s Crusades Throughout the United States and Canada from 1976-1978.
• Attended Central Ga Technical College Where She Graduated with an Associates in Cosmetology and American Sign Language.
• Met in 1975, Then Married in 1979.
• Has Two Adult Children, Drew and Alei.
• Together, They Have Ministered in GA, AK, WA States as Well as Internationally, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, and Many More.
• Completed a BS in Psychology from Bryan College.
• Recently has Worked as an Interpreter for the Deaf in Special Education at Cleveland Middle School.

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