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Free eBook – Jesus and Scripture by Steve Moyise

“Steve Moyise’s Jesus and Scripture begins with concise assessments of how Jesus used and understood Old Testament Scripture in the four respective New Testament Gospels.This excellent book strikes the right balance and brings clarity to a subject that is often discussed in convoluted and confusing ways. Its value for students is obvious, but veteran scholars will also find it very helpful”   —Craig A. Evans


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Free Audio Book

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

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What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways

Author Lysa TerKeurst
Narrator Karen White
Runtime 3.6 Hrs. – Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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$12.98, for the month of April 2014,  FREE
Availability: Unrestricted (available worldwide)




Free eBook

Knowing the Truth About Jesus the Messiah – John Ankerberg, John Weldon


Book Description – Is Jesus the True Messiah? Jesus of Nazareth changed the world. He is the subject of more books, plays, poetry, films and worship than any man in history. But is He more than just a man? Citing specific facts and probability statistics, the authors conclusively show: Unassailable, prophetic proof that Jesus is the Messiah; Biblical evidence confirming Jesus’ supreme authority; Specific confirmation of the Bible’s accuracy in prophecy. Knowing the Truth About Jesus the Messiah offers you ready access to proof that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.


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Free video
Church Dynasty Welcome By Steelehouse Media With this fun animated parody of the popular show “Duck Dynasty”, you can begin your service by letting visitors and members alike know that they don’t have to be perfect in order to be welcomed into your church. –

Free e-Book, Coping with Anger (PDF) From Focus on the Family (14 pages)_______________________________________________________________________________________

649 Leadership Quotes by Brian Dodd



Free eBooks!

Check out the “Free eBooks” from – ChurchPlants.com www.churchplants.com/free-downloads  (Examples below)

More PDF’s & MS Word Files

  • Letter for New Church Visitors – MSWord
  • Survey for Churches – MSWord
  • Six Month Evaluations – MSWord
  • Sunday Morning Greeter Volunteer Job Description – MSWord



Worship Films Mini-Movies
Steve the screen is an interactive “countdown” to lead into your service. Steve’s personality will overtake your screens and have your audience laughing, engaging, and in this edition high-fiving those around. Steve is a fun and different way to countdown to get your service started.

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  • Ministry Helps – Contains the BEST of the Internet I’m glad to share.
  • Raising L.E.A.D.E.R.S. – this taxonomy (lesson/message/steps and stages) explains “meet-ing” people to “street-ing” people (Leadership Development) from Dr. C
  • Bio – Get to know Dr. C a little better.



Material used in recent Marriage Retreat

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  1. Greetings Bro. Bubba:
    How are you and family doing? Are you living in Cleveland? I use your “Ministry Helps” a good bit. Thanks for sharing so generously with us.

    I haven’t been able to communicate as much as I would like but do think of you often. Will you be in Columbus any time soon? If you do have plans to pass this way, let me know in advance. I’m off next week. Gary and I are planning on installing a projector and screen in the church to use for power-point. So, the next time you come by, we will have the ability to allow you to minister is a broader way.

    Your Brother and friend,

  2. Hey Brother Cardin,
    I had you on my mind and wanted to let you know that we (Hickory Flat Fellowship) are praying for you. God Bless You!
    Scott Smith

  3. Bro. Bubba Cardin, again, thanks so very much for the information on your web site. I use it frequently. Such a blessing.

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